Welcome to Den Delle Giganti! We are a small-scale avocation kennel, established in 2005 with a purpose to breed show quality American and European type Great Danes. We are located in Karachi, the port city of Pakistan.

The passion towards the breed has brought us all the way from owning Danes as companion to becoming a part-time breeder. Within the short span of 4 years, we have bred pedigreed Danes under the banner of Den Delle Giganti. We have based our breeding upon the finest American and European lines of Great Danes as both the types fascinated us for their unmatched charm and variations; hence we were compelled to import top quality Danes with champion bloodlines of each type and laid a strong foundation for our kennel to provision a re-birth of the Great Dane breed in Pakistan.

We encourage you to read "The Story So Far" to learn about our captivating journey into the world of Apollos of dogdom. We are an active participant in exhibiting our Danes in conformation shows organized by The Kennel Club of Pakistan.

We hope that you browse all the sections of the website and enjoy your stay. We have compiled a "Breed" section with a comprehensive breed insight to educate every Dane lover in Pakistan about this magnificent breed, a heaven of information for all the Dane fanciers. Please do not forget to sign our guestbook. Thank you for visiting "Den of the Giants".

Keep visiting us for latest kennel news & updates.

22nd June, 2009

We have uploaded new phots of Litter 'C' at 7 weeks. Enjoy the gallery!

24th May, 2009

We are proud to announce the arrival of 7 beautiful, vigorous and healthy puppies. Whelped on 17th May, 2007, it is our Litter 'C' with American pedigree. Kindly check the photogallery of 5 handsome fawn males and 2 beautiful fawn females. Puppies will be available mid of June, 2009 for adoption.

Kindly email us for reservations. Thanks.

14th September, 2008

We have updated the photogalleries of Adolfo and FairyTale day out to the beach. Enjoy the photos!

7th September, 2008

We have uploaded a photo gallery of our trip to UK to attend the 125th Anniversary Championship Show organised by The Great Dane Club.

We have also introduced a blog section to our website to be more interactive! We will be blogging quite regularly about our kennel activities and look forward for your comments/feedbacks, so stay tuned to our blog. Happy surfing!

27th April, 2008

"Links" page updated with Great Dane breeders of Mexico, Scotland and South Korea.

4th March, 2008

We have uploaded a photo gallery of our trip to Pakpattan District, province of Punjab, Pakistan to witness the hunting of Wild Boars by Great Danes. The experience validated our understanding of the existence of the Great Dane breed and further strenghten the regard we had for this unrivaled beast. We hope that you enjoy the gallery and we look forward for your comments on the subject. Happy surfing!

19th Jan, 2008

Wishing you all a very Happy Year 2008!

We have uploaded a photo gallery of our trip to Delhi, India to attend the 1st Great Dane Specialty Show organised by the Great Dane Club of India (North). Happy surfing!

8th Oct, 2007

We have finally added new pages of all our Great Danes with latest pictures of Simba, Adolfo and of our new import Fairy Tale. Click the "Males" & "Females" links to access them.

"Links" page updated with South African, Austrian and Ukrainian breeders websites. Happy surfing!

17th Sept, 2007

As our vow and commitment to improve the Great Dane breed in Pakistan, we are delighted to introduce our new female import "Paquin's Fairy Tale" of American lines from India. We thank Mr. Rajesh Katyal for sending us such a FAWN darling. "Paquin's Fairytale" having a Champion pedigree will further strenghen our American lines. Photos/details to be uploaded in 2 weeks time.

"Links" page updated with Japanese and German breeders websites. Enjoy surfing.

15th July, 2007

2 litters planned for early 2008. Keep an eye on the Puppies page for upcoming mating/litter dates. Email us for advance reservations in the waiting list. Thanks.

"Links" page updated with Russian and Indian breeders websites. Enjoy surfing.

19th April, 2007

All the puppies of Litter "B" have been placed to their new loving homes. We miss them all dearly. For all those wishing to acquire our gentle giants, keep an eye on the Puppies page for next mating/litter dates. Thanks.

12th Mar, 2007

New photos uploaded of Litter 'B' at 7 weeks. Puppies are ready to go to their new homes.

25th Feb, 2007

New photos uploaded of Litter 'B' at 5 weeks. Email or call us for reservations.

12th Feb, 2007

We have updated the photogallery of Litter 'B'. Pups are 3 weeks old and are growing beautiful. Puppies will be available mid March, 2007 for adoption. Email us for any queries.

4th Feb, 2007

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of 6 beautiful, vigorous and healthy puppies. Whelped on 20th Jan, 2007, it is our Litter 'B' with American pedigree. Kindly check the photogallery of 3 beautiful fawn females and 3 handsome fawn males. Puppies will be available mid March, 2007 for adoption.

Kindly email us for reservations if you are interested. Thanks.

24th Jan, 2007

Lookout for a Litter Announcement in the coming days.

"Links" page updated with Great Dane breeders of Finland/Sweden/Norway and Denmark region.

18th Dec, 2006

We have added a photo gallery of our trip to India to attend the Great Dane Specialty Show organised by the Great Dane Club of India.

Also updated the show points pages with the results of last KCP Show.

A "FAQ" page also be uploaded in the "Breed" section along with a list of Great Dane breed books. A must to surf for all the Dane fanciers. Enjoy your stay.

30th Oct, 2006

The "Breed" section rearranged with "Ear Crop" page added and posted few more "Favourite Danes" pics.

We have added new kennel links to our "Links" page.

10th Sept, 2006

We have added new kennel links in our "Links" page. Enjoy the world of Great Danes.

16th Aug, 2006

We have launched the "Breed" section with loads of information on the Great Dane breed. Enjoy your stay.

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22nd June, 2009

Over a decade ago, one fine day during the winters, I had come from school exhausted and took an afternoon nap in a routine. I woke up in the evening and strolled out to the garden rubbing my half shut eyes. A few steps into the garden and my eyes lit 2 times its size at the sight of a huge dog tagged along the tree. I still remember my first sight of a true gentle giant. It was a black Great Dane. It stood more than 5 feet above the ground with beautiful cropped ears and a smooth shiny coat. It was love at first sight.     

I rushed inside screaming wanting to inquire about its presence. I was told by my grand father that it belongs to a friend of my uncle’s and it is leaving for Quetta the next morning. It was just there to stay overnight.

While conversing with my grand father, I overheard few murmurs coming from the garden. I quickly rushed out and saw few of my younger cousins trying to untie the Great Dane. To my disbelief, I yelled at them to stop but it was too late. The Dane was already untied and my cousins were trying to grip its leash. They took the Dane out for a walk down the road. My jaw dropped down to the ground and eyes lit 4 times its size with amazement. How can a dog of this size be so polite and gentle with so many kids pulling it from every angle?

In the sense of distrust, I followed my cousins to ensure their safety. They were taking turns to grip its leash and the Dane trotted as a smooth operator leaving an ever lasting impression upon me. It was a sight to be witnessed of a giant dog controlled by such toddlers. They all could have easily take a ride on him back home. We all had a splendid evening with him.

That night, I could not sleep and kept on thinking throughout. How can a dog of that size be so polite and gentle with the kids? That one thought kept on repeating in my mind. The sleepless night turned into a daylight and it was about time to get ready to go to school. I always had a passion for dogs and my family kept few other breeds in the past but none like this one. While leaving for school, I patted that Dane for the last time and decided that if I ever get an opportunity to own a dog, it will be a Great Dane.

Years passed by. I finished my schooling, went to Canada for my higher studies, completed my degree and started a job. During all this time, I never got an opportunity to keep a pet.    

I decided to return to my motherland "Pakistan" in the year 2003. One of the many great things about Pakistan is, that one can lead multiple lifestyles with the availability of resources and can balance every aspect of it. It is a land of opportunities in its true sense. I felt that it’s about time to own a Great Dane. My "QUEST" for a Dane begun.

After some vigorous exploration, I finally got my first black Dane in 2003 from a classified advert in a local newspaper. I named him "Duke". Although, he was not bred with the purest intentions and was a non-pedigreed Dane, he remain my favourite and will always be one.

As time flew by, I learnt more about the Great Dane breed. I studied its breed standards and explored its different bloodlines/types. I educated myself with the breed's common health problems and its issues. It was then I realized the need of a true gentle giant of show prospect.

I adopted my second Dane "Simba of Jaycroft" in October of 2003 after some intense research, the best locally bred I could manage of a show prospect. Although Simba did not have the prettiest of the pedigree but it was the only one I could find in Pakistan. Simba's pedigree can be traced back to few of the famous American Great Dane kennels of the past such as "MaryDane", "Murlo" and "Harmony Hill" in the 5th and the 6th generation but the first 4 generations remain mediocre. The great grand parents of Simba were imported from America by the "Kundawala Family" in early 1980s. The arrival of Simba encouraged me to participate in the conformation shows organised by the Kennel Club of Pakistan and it initiated my journey into the world of dog shows and I made new friends all over the world.

My love for this breed amplified with the passage of time. Only a Great Dane lover would understand, that once you get one Dane, you are bound to go for another. I felt a need of a female Dane for my kennel. I could not find a suitable show quality female in Pakistan and decided to stretch my boundaries to an international breedings. I continued my search for a reputable kennel/breeding around the glode and corresponded with various breeders for a pedigreed female.    

In the summer of 2004, I flew to Italy to bring "Gauri del Castel Lavente" & "Lotos Danes Hermione aka Isis". I attended a Great Dane Interclub Championship show organised by S.I.A and felt a dream amongst 200 plus Great Danes. I was debating within myself for quite some time to come up with a kennel's prefix/name and could not decide on one. While enjoying myself at the show and inspired by the Italian breedings, I thought of a prefix for our kennel/breeding and finally decided upon "Den Delle Giganti". We proudly state that the our kennel/breeding came into existence and I registered the prefix with the "Kennel Club of Pakistan" early 2005. Seek the Gallery page to view photos of my trip.

The love and the intensity of this colossal breed kept on escalating each passing by day. I continued researching on its different types and decided to acquire American & European type of fawn/brindle color for the kennel as both the types appealed me one way or the other. We opted for fawn/brindle combination based upon our liking for the said colors as well as to set a straight forward beginning to our breeding compared to rather a complexed breeding color combinations of Harlequin/Black/Mantle. We would also like to acquire a British type Danes someday and maybe add all the recognised colors of Great Dane breed to our kennel. I do acknowledge the fact that it is a daunting task to breed different types in one specific breed with 6 different variation of colors, and be able to do justice to each of its type by producing closest to it's standards. But as it is said, "Nothing is impossible if only you believe", we dream to believe, to achieve this milestone during our lifetime as the difference between dreams and accomplishments is purely ruled by a desire.

With time, experience, breed research and interaction with the best in business, I realized not to interbreed the American Danes with the European until we feel the need to compliment each type with a particular trait to produce Danes which would depict our understanding of the precise breed blue-prints and decided to give a new course to our breeding philosophy. As Gauri and Isis are European types, we felt a need of having an Amercian type bitch to lay a foundation to our American Danes. It was then that we decided to import "Meridane’s Sheeba" from India in 2005 to pair her with Simba. In 2006, we imported "Adolfo des Terres De La Rairie" from one of Europe's best Great Dane breeding "des Terres De La Rairie" to complete our pair of European type and hence produce world class European Danes by pairing Adolfo with Gauri. To take our American lines to the next level, we honored our vow to improve the breed standard in Pakistan by importing a fawn female " Paguin’s Fairy Tale" mid of 2007 from one of India's best Great Dane kennels "Paquin Great Danes"; a leap forward to further fortify our breeding stock based on our kennel's philosophy.    

The genesis of Den Delle Giganti would not have been possible without the contribution of few noble people, who we refer them as our mentors. Firstly, we thank Mr. Junaid Quershi of Jaycroft kennel to let us adopt "Simba", who will always remain the very crust of our obsession into the world of Great Danes. We thank Mrs. Sabrina and Mr. Setaro Maurizio of "Del Castel Lavente" to let us adopt "Gauri", who will always be considered as the mother of European Danes in Pakistan. We thank Ms. Milena Franzetti of "Lotos Danes" to let us adopt "Isis", who will always be remembered as love at first sight and we will deeply miss her forever. We thank Mr. Ajay Sharma of "Meridane kennel" to let us adopt "Sheeba", who will always be considered as the mother of American Danes in Pakistan. We thank Madam Marie José Labrousse of "des Terres de La Rairie" to let us adopt "Adolfo", a dream come true to own a Rairie bred Dane who will always be referred as the father of European Danes in Pakistan. We thank Mr. Rajesh Kaytal of "Paquin Great Danes" for sending us "Paquin’s Fairy Tale", who will always imply a femininity impression to be desired in Great Dane bitches upon us, a trait to strive when producing true breed type; thus contributing immensely to our understanding of the breed standards. We applaud them for entrusting us with their pups to help us constitute a solid foundation of our kennel/breeding. Their generosity has provisioned the re-birth of Great Dane in Pakistan & the above stated imports will always be regarded as the backbone of the breed in Pakistan.

The journey so far has also enabled us to make few good friends/mentors around the globe and the list of these will continue to grow in the years to come. We frequently exchange notes with reputable breeders of Great Dane breed on various issues/topics and thank them for sharing their experiences to help us understand the breeder's philosophy and to guide us for the betterment of the breed. We also plan our vacations to attend the Great Dane Specialty Shows around the world and meet all those who have dedicated their life to this noble breed. We visited Chennai, India in Dec 2006 to attend a Great Dane Specialty show arranged by the Great Dane Club of India and had a great time meeting and exchanging notes with the top breeders of India. Previously, we also made a trip to Italy in July 2004 to attend an Interclub Championship organized by "Società Italiana Alani" and met the top European Great Dane breeders. Kindly seek the Gallery page to view photos of my trip.    

We believe the "QUEST" will last our lifetime as we strive to master the art of breeding show quality dogs, to grip the very basic of canine genetics, to train an eye to identify the positive/negative traits in our exisiting stock and to carefully employ appropriate breeding techniques to really be able to produce Great Danes which would depict the precise breed standards. We also look forward to acquire sound knowledge of the coat color genetics, study stock pedigrees upto atleast 5 generation and be able to predict the resulting litter color coat to be able to produce show quality Danes in all the recognised color. We will continue to plan our vacations to different parts of the world to attend the Great Dane Specialty Shows and persist to exchange views with all those reputable breeders who have contributed significantly to the betterment/development of the modern-day Great Dane to further strengthen our understanding on the subject. We vow to continue importing better quality specimen to complement our breeding and emerge as one of the top Great Dane kennels in Asia.

Thank you for visiting Den Delle Giganti and taking time out to go through our captivating journey into the world of Great Danes so far. Feel free to contact us for any queries. Keep visiting us.

The name “Den Delle Giganti” is influenced by the idea of a pack of giant dogs living in a den. It means “Den of the Giants” in English. The “Delle Giganti” part is in Italian language dedicated to our kennel's foundation bitches which were imported from Italian breeding. It is a registered kennel affix with The Kennel Club of Pakistan.

We strive to fabricate the best of breed standards and aspire to produce temperamentally sound, structurally strong and long lived Danes in all the recognised colors. We intend to breed American and European type Danes; aim to import the best lines in each type to continuously progress our breeding & commit to improve the overall quality of Great Dane breed in Pakistan.

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Fédération Cynologique Internationale
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