The Great Dane Club - 125th Championship Show

In a quest to understand the different types/lines in Great Danes, I had an opportunity to travel to UK to attend the 125th Great Dane Anniversary Championship Show organized by "The Great Dane Club" and witness the very best of the British type Danes in a show packed with 200 plus entries. Had a memorable experience to meet all the well-known British breeders and exchange views on the subject. The trip contributed immensely to my knowledge of the breed and my perceptive of the British type as previously I had witnessed the American type during my trip to India and the European type during my trip to Italy. It is simply amazing to witness the 3 significant variants of the breed and observe/understand the distinctive characteristics of each type of the Apollos of dogdom - The Great Dane Breed. Enjoy the gallery!

Wild Boar Hunt

Tracing back to the roots of the Great Dane breed once bred to hunt Wild Boars, I had an opportunity to witness the very existence of the Apollo of the canine. We thank Mr. Afzal Ahmed and family for inviting us over to experience Great Danes spotting, chasing and hunting down a Wild Boar in real. The exposure defied the modern-day notion of the Great Dane breed as docile and formulated my opinion of a working dog bred with a purpose and yet earns the reputation of a gentle giant; a combination rarely coexist in any other breed. We traveled to Pakpattan District to eyewitness its true instincts. Enjoy the gallery!   

As it is becoming an annual ritual for me to plan a trip to India to attend the Great Dane Specialty shows, it was an absolute joy to travel to Delhi to experience the 1st Great Dane Specialty Show organized by "The Great Dane Club of India (North)" on the 12th of Jan, 2008. Had an opportunity to meet the Great Dane breeders of Northern India and eye witness the very best of Danes in the sub-continent. Enjoy the gallery!

It was indeed a pleasure to travel to Chennai, India to attend a Great Dane Specialty Show organized by "The Great Dane Club of India" on the 8th of Dec, 2006. Had an opportunity to meet the best Great Dane breeders in the sub-continent. Experience the very best of American type Great Danes. Enjoy the gallery!

I planned a trip to Italy in the summers of 2004 to bring Gauri Del Castel Levante and Lotos Dane's Hermione home. Attended an Interclub Championship organised by "Societą Italiana Alani" on the 4th of July, 2004. It had been one of the best experiences of my life. Had an opportunity to meet few of the very best Great Dane breeders from all over Europe and witnessed the European type of Danes. It felt amazing to be surrounded by the danes whom I have only seen on the Internet previously. Enjoy the gallery!

  Simba's Photogallery
  Gauri's Photogallery
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